Pencil Painting

February 23, 2010

This is a drawing/painting I did with water color pencils.  I find them both fun and frustrating.  Which makes it a great medium for me to work with. 


Oil Spill

January 28, 2010

This first painting is a close up of a woman’s upper arm as she holds her legs up to her body.  It is zoomed in very close to the point of abstraction.  I wanted it to be a rolling landscape of flesh.

This is a painting I did as a gift for Dom, my sister’s boyfriend.

This is a painting I did for a class at Pratt.  The canvas was divided into blocks and each block was painted the average color of the figure and background we were looking at. Then the blocks were divided into smaller and smaller blocks, colors reassessed.

This painting is about feeling alienated in crowds and having to shout to be heard.

Some Colors…

January 24, 2010

Empty BottlesThis painting was an assignment from an instructor I had junior year at Pratt.  We had to look through art magazines, pick an image or a page, and paint on the page.  We then used that as a sketch for a larger painting.  I asked if I could use some animation magazine and my instructor said no because it wasn’t fine art; I should have just not asked.  So I bought a fine art magazine and turned on of the pages into a bizarre afterparty mess.   And I think as an exercise, it’s a great method.  Definitely a go-to artist’s block breaker.  So, lesson learned.  But, animation is a fine art, let’s just keep that straight.

Party Time

This painting was made for the same class, we were supposed to mediate on a subject.  Occasionally at parties I feel very disconnected from everyone else.  That’s really all I would like to say about this piece.

TornThis goes along with the mediation assignment, we were supposed to do a couple paintings.

And just to show that Junior year wasn’t all grey, because it was in fact really great, I’ll end my post with this painting from that same class.  It’s to celebrate the trip to the Ottawa International Animation Festival earlier in the Fall.  I started dividing canvases up into grids in a class the previous year after a different grid assignment from another instructor.  I like painting each square a different distance away while keeping it as one whole illustration.  Also surprise, the instructor wasn’t a fan of this painting. Ah well.  Not everyone is a fan.